Clean, Renewable Solutions

  • Dirt
  • Bugs
  • Bark
  • Binder
  • No Contaminates
  • Burns Clean
  • Less Ash
  • Dense

At Bio-Diversity, we believe a product is only as good as the raw materials it’s made from.


That’s why we only use hardwood sawdust in our Envi Blocks and Tru-Wood Pellets.  We ensure the quality of our finished products by only using the finest raw materials available to produce them.

Purity matters to us. You won’t find dirt, bugs, bark, binders or chemicals in Bio-Diversity wood blocks and pellets. Under no circumstances do we allow contaminates or debris in our finished products. That means our Envi, Envi 8, and Tru-Wood Pellets burn clean and generate less ash than other blocks and pellets.

Not only are Bio-Diversity products environmentally friendly, they’re also an ultra-efficient alternative heat source. They’re made from kiln-dried hardwood sawdust with an average moisture content of 8%. That gives our Envi, Envi 8, and Tru-Wood Pellets a higher density so they generate more heat and deliver efficiency you won’t get from lower-grade products on the market.