The Advantages Of Wood Blocks And Wood Pellets.

Heating with either wood blocks or wood pellets made from high-quality hardwood will let you do your part in preserving the environment – and help you save money on your energy costs.

Envi Blocks Combined

While blocks and pellets offer many of the same advantages, they also provide a few of their own distinct benefits.

Both Envi Block and Tru-Wood Pellets are...

  • Easy on the air-They contain no chemicals or additives, so they don’t release harmful toxins into the air you breathe.
  • Energy efficient-They contain low levels of moisture, so when they burn, virtually all of their mass is directly converted into heat.
  • Environmentally sustainable. They are a renewable fuel source. Our products are made with hardwood sawdust and shavings that otherwise would have been considered waste. When you burn Envi Blocks and Tru-Wood Pellets, the impact is carbon neutral.
  • Cost effective. Prices for wood blocks and pellets are typically less affected by inflation than those for fossil fuels and other heating
  • They create very little dirt, dust and ash.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Some additional Envi Block advantages are...

  • Envi Blocks work well in fireplaces, wood stoves, fire pits, and wood furnaces.
  • Easy to store. Blocks and pellets are packaged to stack neatly and conserve space.
  • Conveniently Packaged. They come packed to allow for the ease of handling.
  • Convenient for camping. Perfect for anyone heading out with their RV or camper.

Some additional Tru-Wood Pellets advantages are:

  • An excellent choice for every pellet stove.
  • Simple to unjust load them into your pellet stove according to the appliance’s instructional manual.
  • Better for your stove. Tru-Wood Pellets contain a lower percentage offines (particles that could result in inconsistent burning and cause blockages in heating systems)
  • Peak Performance.  Because they have superior durability.